Havel, Unfinished Revolution by David Gilbreath Barton, University of Pittsburgh Press

Havel (1)Havel, Unfinished Revolution, is the most recent biography of Vaclav Havel, published last month by University of Pittsburgh Press. The biography is the result of some seven years of research and attempts to understand Havel’s legacy in light of the current crises in democratic societies. David Barton states: “I myself believe that the dissident experience and such ideas as “living in truth” are an anecdote for the demagoguery that now infects our national conversation, and I believe the book demonstrates this quite nicely.”

“David Barton has written an expansive and informing portrait of Vaclav Havel… The lessons here, restoring democratic ideals in a time of chaos, are more relevant and important now than ever.” — Bill Richardson, former governor and ambassador to the United Nations

“Barton’s sprightly, readable overview of Havel’s life and work is especially incisive in thinking through Havel’s personality, particularly his shyness, self-doubt, and depression, and its impact on his sometimes reluctant, sometimes welcoming embrace of a life lived in public.” —Michelle Woods, author of Kafka Translated

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