Remembering November ‘89

November 4, 7 pm, 3rd floor

World premiere of a documentary Ask at Home ’89 / Spytaj sa vasich ’89, followed by Q&A with the director Barbora Bereznakova. Discussion enhanced by interactive polling and insights in real time by Slido.

The Ask Your ‘89 documentary brings an insight into the experience of small personal history in the context of major social changes in November 1989. It is a diverse reflection on the transformation of society, its interconnection with the previously closed world and the accustoming to newly acquired rights and freedoms.

The revolutionary November days are still associated with very strong emotions. This is an extremely dynamic period of change in history of Czech and Slovak nations when social, political and interpersonal relationships have been redefined. Velvet Revolution established standard civil and human rights and freedom.

Directed by Barbara Bereznakova (2019, 27 min.), presented in New York in world premiere, followed by televised Slovak premiere on November 17, 2019.


This event is organized by Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in New York and the Vaclav Havel Library Foundation, with support of BBLA and Slido.

The Vaclav Havel Center